Buying a ticket

- Hello! I would like to book a flight to Washington D.C.

- What day are you flying on?

- I'm leaving on the 5th April, back on 1st May.

- So, it's a return ticket. Would you like to travel business class or economy class?

- Economy class please. How long is the flight?

- It's a long haul flight - about nine hours.

- Is there a time difference?

- Oh about 6 hours. You may have jetlag. Here's your ticket . The flight leaves from Lyon at 10.30 a.m. You will need to check in one hour before departure.

- That's fine. Thank you very much!



To book a flight        =       Réserver un vol

A return ticket          =       Un billet aller-retour

(A round trip)

A long haul flight      =      Un vol long-courrier

A time difference      =      Un décalage horaire

Jetlag                         =      Fatigue due au décalage horaire

Check in                    =      Enregistrement des baggages